Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game

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When a bundle of joy is on the way, there’s nothing quite as heartwarming as celebrating the mom-to-be and the beautiful journey she’s embarking on. It’s a time for laughter, love, and the gathering of friends and family who will be part of this new chapter. And what better way to honor the expecting mother than with the “Who Knows Mommy Best” baby shower game?

This delightful and engaging game is all about testing the knowledge and insights of the people who know her best – her loved ones. It’s a fun, heartwarming, and sometimes surprising activity that not only brings everyone closer but also celebrates the unique qualities, quirks, and experiences that make the mom-to-be who she is.

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In the following guide, we’ll delve into the world of “Who Knows Mommy Best,” offering tips, ideas, and inspiration to make this game a cherished part of your baby shower. So, let’s get ready to have some fun, make lasting memories, and celebrate the expecting mother in a way that’s as special as she is.

Understanding the “Who Knows Mommy Best” Game

The “Who Knows Mommy Best” game is a fantastic addition to any baby shower. It’s designed to test how well the guests know the expecting mother by asking a series of questions about her life, experiences, and preferences. It’s a great way to celebrate the mom-to-be and create lasting memories with family and friends.

How to Play the Game

Prepare the Questions: Compile a list of questions that revolve around the expecting mother. These can include her favorite food, hobbies, or memorable experiences.

Distribute Answer Sheets: Provide each guest with an answer sheet and a pen. Make sure there’s enough space for them to write their responses.

Read Aloud the Questions: The host reads the questions aloud, and the guests write down their answers.

Collect and Score: After all the questions are answered, collect the answer sheets and tally the scores. The guest wins a prize the most correct answers  prize.

Tips for Crafting Questions

Mix it Up: Include a variety of questions, such as fun facts, personal experiences, and preferences, to keep the game interesting.

Keep it Light: Avoid sensitive or personal questions that could make anyone uncomfortable. The goal is to have fun and celebrate the mom-to-be.

Multiple Choice: For added excitement, you can include multiple-choice questions to challenge your guests.


To get your guests excited about the game, you can incorporate it into your invitations. Mention that you’ll be playing “Who Knows Mommy Best” and encourage everyone to participate.


To make the game more competitive, consider offering prizes for the winners. These can be anything from gift cards to small, thoughtful gifts that your guests will appreciate.


Variety is the spice of life, and you can put a unique spin on this game to match the theme of your baby shower. Here are a few variations:

Celebrity Moms Edition

Instead of questions about the expecting mother, use questions related to famous celebrity moms. This twist can add a fun and surprising element to the game.

Multiple Rounds

To keep the excitement going, you can organize multiple rounds with different sets of questions. Everyone gets a chance to participate.

To make your “Who Knows Mommy Best” game truly unforgettable, consider the following:

Decorations: Incorporate the game’s theme into your decorations, from table settings to banners.

Interactive Element: Create a visually appealing scoreboard where guests can track their scores throughout the game.

Phot booth: Set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures to commemorate the event.

Keep it Positive: Remember that the game is all about celebrating the mom-to-be, so keep the atmosphere positive and fun.


As we wrap up our journey through the “Who Knows Mommy Best” baby shower game, we’re reminded that the magic of this game lies in the celebration of the expecting mother herself. This is a time of profound joy, anticipation, and love, and what better way to honor this special chapter of her life than by gathering her closest friends and family and sharing in the laughter and warmth of the “Who Knows Mommy Best” game.

Throughout the event, we’ve seen how this game can bring everyone closer, unveil surprising insights, and create cherished memories. It’s not just a game; it’s a tribute to the uniqueness of the mom-to-be, her experiences, her quirks, and her journey into motherhood.

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